The Weather Forecast for Intercamp 2018

Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Update Sunday May 20th, 9.40 am - Ruben Weytjens

Friday May 18th 

Today it will for sure stay dry during the whole day. This morning it was still cloudy, but the sun is on its way. In the afternoon there will be nice and sunny periods, sometimes interrupted by some more clouds. For the early birds it's important to wear sunscreen since the UV-index will peak towards level 6 in the early afternoon. After 5 pm this level drops below 3. 

The temperature will reach a maximum of about 18°C, but will drop quite fast during the evening hours. Around 10 pm there will be only about 10°C left.
The minimum value for Saturday morning will be about +6°C.

Sunset at 21:25 LT

Saturday May 19th

Saturday will start chilly and cloudy.
Around noon it will be about +13°C and the maximum value around 4 pm will be about +18 or +19°C. Because of the weak wind it will feel rather warm, especially in the sunshine. Before noon it will stay mostly cloudy, but in the course of the afternoon the sun will get more and more space. No rain showers are to be expected in the vicinity of Sint-Truiden.

During the evening hours it will get colder pretty fast again, with about 10°C left around midnight. The minimum temperature for Sunday morning will be about +7°C.

Sunrise at 5:42 - Sunset at 21:26 LT

Sunday May 20th

This morning it's still a bit grey, but the sun is on it's way... Between 10 and 11 am the sun will break through.
In the afternoon it will get partly cloudy, with in the area of Sint-Truiden an increasing chance for a rain shower or even a thunderstorm. However this would probably be a local event, so there is still a fair chance to escape from the raindrops. Some forecasting models even keep the showers south from Sint-Truiden. Radar via this link

Between the clouds there will be space for sunshine. The UV-index will reach a maximum of about 6 in the early afternoon, so it's again important to wear sunscreen.

It will also get several degrees warmer compared to yesterday, with a maximum temperature of about 23°C. 
In the afternoon there will blow a wind from the east with an average of 3 Beaufort. (4-7m/s)

During the night to Monday it will stay dry. The temperatures won't drop as low as in the previous nights, with a minimum of about 11°C.

Sunrise at 5:41 - Sunset at 21:28 LT

Monday May 21th

During the first part of the day it will be dry with sunny periods.
In the afternoon there might appear one or two showers in the vicinity of Sint-Truiden.
The wind blows from the southeast and the temperature rises in the afternoon to a maximum around 24°C.

Sunrise at 5:39 LT

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